April 2017

​Re: SB 1174 Relating to the provision of prosthetic devices for certain recipients under Medicaid.
       HB 4007 Relating to the licensing and regulation of certain occupations by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

 On behalf of the legislative committee of the Texas Chapter, we want to give a brief update to the membership of the Texas Chapter. There are two legislative bills affecting the orthotic and prosthetic profession in the 85th legislature session. Unlike legislation we have seen in the past, both bills are positive changes being proposed.

 The proposed legislation of SB 1174 to provide coverage for prostheses for recipients under Medicaid regardless of age was driven by Catherine Mize working with lobbyist Snapper Carr. Members of our profession across the state have witnessed patients who need a prosthesis, but do not have coverage under Medicaid due to their age between 21 and 65. There has been positive response to this proposed legislation so far and is closely being monitored. We ask that if practitioners have patients who have been denied prosthetic services under Medicaid due to their age, they reach out to these individuals to potentially testify at a senate hearing or submit statements in support of this proposed bill. Generally, there is only a few days’ notice when the hearing date is set, so it is often easier to submit written comments. A patient, family member or friend of the patient would need to write a letter about their story and how the current restriction of care has been harmful to them. These letters can be either emailed to Catherine Mize at cmize.cpo@gmail.com or mailed to the Texas Chapter’s mailing address at PO Box 300934, Houston, TX 77230, and we will ensure these get to the appropriate legislators at proper timing.

 HB 4007 relating to wording of the act for licensure of O&P is in response to areas that TDLR, which is now the licensing organization for O&P, feel need to be clarified, modified or removed.  The main positive change is that the restriction of having to be a resident of the state of Texas to obtain an O&P  license is being removed. The other changes are necessary and some minor changes are being proposed and followed.

 Any response or comments will hold more influence if they are made in a coordinated manner and with proper timing. If anyone has any questions, Catherine Mize will be happy to address them. She may be contacted at cmize.cpo@gmail.com. We will continue to provide updates for the progress of these bills and when we will need to take coordinated action.



What committee member should I contact? 

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TCAAOp Legislative committee

Region #1: North TX/DFW
​Katie Brinkley  katie.b.brinkley@gmail.com
​  (940) 206-7807

Region #2: West TX
Robb Walker  rwalker@wtrc.com 
(325) 793-3495

​Region #3: Far West TX
Vacant committee position. Are you interested in filling the Far West TX position? Contact Katie Brinkley
Region #4: Central TX
Vacant committee position. Are you interested in filling the Central TX position? Contact Katie Brinkley.

Region #5: East TX
Mac McClellan   mac@poa-texas.com
(903) 592-6574 

Region #6: San Antonio
Mark Kirchner  mbkirch@gvtc.com
  (210) 289-7815

​Region #7: South TX
Rick Rentfrow rickrentfrow@gmail.com
​ (520) 559-0197

Region #8: Houston
Fanny Schultea  fanny.schultea@bcm.edu
(713) 798-6039

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